This course introduces students to the terms used in the medical field. The course includes words, anatomical terms,
and body systems. It also includes conversion tables and written terminology.

This course will provide an introduction to basic concepts of pharmacology as it relates to all the body systems.  Students will have a review of each body system.  Common disorders and diseases of the human body will be introduced.  Common drug reactions and interactions will be covered.  Medical terms commonly used will be introduced.  The student will have a beginning working knowledge of drug therapy and its relationship with individuals across the lifespan upon the completion of this course.

Seminar discussions on various aspects of the students' internship experience. Students will share work related experiences with the instructor and their peers. Students will prepare to take the local Kansas state pharmacy registration exam.

This course provides technician-focused instruction and training for the successful production of sterile parenteral preparations, a major responsibility of the pharmacy technician in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare. This important work requires the mastery of aseptic technique: the procedures that avoid introducing pathogens into sterile products, ensure patient safety, and maintain product consistency.