This course offers supplemental material for NCK Tech's face to face Information Technology Program.

This course introduces theory and provides experience in analyzing and troubleshooting telecommunications network systems. Topics include physical issues, software debugging, viruses, e-mail, traffic management, server and router configuration, documentation and equipment use. Upon completion, the student will be able to identify and solve telecommunication network problems.

Introduction to various hardware and software aspects of a microcomputer system including power supplies, microprocessors, input/output configurations, hard drives, modems, sound cards, video cards and mother boards.

This course introduces the fundamentals of computer security, beginning at the home desktop and progressing through a large Local Area Network with multiple nodes. The student will learn basic theory of virus protection and delve deeply into the theories of intrusion detection and securing both the physical premise equipment as well as the network and the information stored within it. The student upon completion will be able to demonstrate proficiency in hardware and software security devices.
Pre-requisite: TNT 140, TNT 230